Presidential Presents – State Gifts from 1962 to 2009

Presidential Presents – State Gifts from 1962 to 2009
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Throughout history, the presentation and exchange of official gifts has been an established tradition and is regarded as a form of international diplomacy. It symbolises the cultivation of friendly ties and diplomatic relations among international leaders and nations, and has also paved the way, in many cases, for the establishment of trading connections or partnerships between the respective countries.

The President, in his capacity as Head of State, receives official gifts from visiting foreign leaders or their representatives from countries with which Singapore has developed bilateral ties. These gifts are formally presented on occasions such as courtesy calls made by the foreign dignitaries or during the President’s overseas State visits.

These official gifts, which are now in the collection of the President’s Office, are representational objects that hold multiple meanings. These meanings contribute to the positioning of the gift and its special status in international relations and diplomacy. Over time, these gifts have become a symbolic legacy of the extent of diplomatic contact established between the Singapore Presidency and its foreign counterparts.

Presidential Presents - State Gifts from 1962 to 2009 exhibition is a display of 50 selected official gifts from the collection of the President’s Office at the Istana. These gifts were presented to the six Presidents of Singapore from 1962 to 2009, and are being displayed in the National Museum for the first time.

Photo credit: National Museum of Singapore, On loan from the Istana collection

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